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Fall Themed Dream Catcher

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Paper Plate

  • Collection of Fall Leaves

  • Kid Safety Scissors

  • Masking Tape

  • Scrap Cardboard

  • Thick Markers

  • Metallic or Neon Pens 

  • Twine, String or Yarn

  • Optional: Beads, Glue, Glitter, Rhinestone stickers


1) Find and decorate your leaves!  We recommend using metallic or neon gel pens so you can really see the colors and shine. Try to find leaves that aren’t too brittle and that have stems. You should have at least 3 good ones decorated for your dreamcatcher.
2) Make your dreamcatcher base from your paper plate. Trace a circle in the center of your paper plate. We traced a cookie jar lid, but a bowl or smaller plate could work, too.
3) Use scissors to cut out a circle from the center of your plate. Cut a strip out of the edge of your plate so you can reach the circle you traced. Don’t worry, the edge will be covered by homemade decoration tape later on. Set your dreamcatcher base aside.
4) Cut and lay down masking tape. Cut or tear pieces of masking tape and stick them on your scrap cardboard. They should be at least 5 inches long or longer— long enough to wrap around the border of your paper plate/dreamcatcher base.
5) Color your tape pieces with markers. You can make big designs that overlap all the tape or color them individually. This part can get messy since the markers smear a bit on the tape, but it can look really cool when the colors run together.
6) Wrap your dreamcatcher base. Peel off a strip of your decorated tape and wrap it around the edge of your paper plate. Try to cover as much of the plate as possible with each piece of tape. Peel tape as you need it. If you run out, just stop and make some more! It is ok if some of the cardboard sticks to your tape. As long as some of it is sticky it will still work.
7) Make your dreamcatcher net. Cut yarn or string an inch or two longer than your paper plate/dreamcatcher. Tape the ends of your string or yarn to your dreamcatcher with the tape you decorated. Add as much string or yarn as you like. You can even string beads on your net. Tape one end of your string to the dreamcatcher, string your beads, then tape the other. 
8) Add your leaves to your dreamcatcher. Cut a piece of string or yarn for each of the leaves you plan to use in your dreamcatcher. The strings should be at least 10 inches long. You can even use a mix of different yarns or strings and lengths!  Tie one end of the string to the stem of your leaf and tape the other to the border of your dreamcatcher.
9) Create a hook and hang your dreamcatcher in a fun spot! Tie some string loosely in a loop where you want the top of your dreamcatcher to be. You can also make two long pieces of decoration tape, place the sticky sides together and loop around your dreamcatcher. Just use more tape to close the loop. 

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