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Coffee Filter Leaf Suncatchers

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Markers (we recommend Scentos classic markers!)

  • Flat White Coffee Filters

  • Kid Scissors

  • Paper Towels

  • 1 Sheet of Aluminum Foil, or a stain-proof coloring surface

  • Clear Tape


1. Lay your coffee filter flat on a work surface covered with scrap paper or a plastic table cover.

2. Draw a leaf shape on your flat filter. Find a real leaf in nature - oak, maple, or something else! - as a tracing guide.

3. Using kids scissors or an adult's help, cut out your leaf along your outline.


4. Color in your leaf with markers - have fun with colors, making big shapes, lines, or spots! Fill in as much as you want.


5. When you're done coloring, drip a little water on the leaf with a paintbrush or your fingers. Using a paper towel, dab until the colors run together.


6. Place your leaves on a sheet of aluminum foil to dry! Let them dry at least a few hours.


7. Use tape to hang your leaves in a sunny window, and make more to create a fall scene! 

Share your crafts with us at #CraftSugarRush or #ScentosCrafts!

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