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Tie Dyed Tissue Paper Flowers

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Markers 

  • Flat White Coffee Filters

  • Kid Scissors

  • Paper Towels

  • 1 Sheet of Aluminum Foil, or a stain-proof coloring surface

  • 12 inch Chenille Craft Sticks (pipe cleaners)

  • Optional: 12 inch Wooden Dowels, Glitter, Glue  


1) Fold a coffee filter into a wedge and draw your petal shapes. Fold a coffee filter in half, then in half again until it makes a wedge (a skinny triangle shape). Draw one or two curves at the wide, top part of the triangle.


2) Cut along the curves. Make sure you are cutting through the entire coffee filter. Remember kids: Use safety scissors or ask an adult for help!


3) Open up your filter. You’ve made your first flower layer!  Feel free to cut off any bits you don’t like or adjust your flower shape in any way you want.


4) Color in your flower layer with markers. We recommend thick, classic markers.  Have fun with colors, making big shapes, lines, or spots! 


5) Wet your coffee filter flower layer. When you're done coloring, drip a little water on the flower with a paintbrush or your fingers. Using a wet paper towel, dab until the colors run together. Set your flower layer aside on a sheet of aluminum foil to dry for at least a few hours.


6) Repeat steps 1-5 to make more layers.

Try using different colors and petal shapes. You can even color layers before unfolding them. Color on both sides of the folded coffee filter wedge, and then wet it on both sides. Your petal layers done this way will have a cool mandala look!


7) Once dry, take two layers (or even more!) and stack them. Pinch the middle point of your stack and twist to form your flower base. Make sure all your layers are pinched in the base.


8) Attach your stem using two pipe cleaners for a bendy, twistable stem or a pipe cleaner and a dowel for a straight stem. Take a pipe cleaner or dowel (if you want a sturdy stem that doesn’t bend) and line it up to your flower base. Take another pipe cleaner and twist around both the first pipe cleaner  or dowel and base. Twist tightly a couple of times around the base, then continue to twist down.  You have completed one flower! Now that you’ve got the hang of it, you can make a whole bunch! 


9) Display your flowers! They are pretty as is, or decorated with glitter. Place them in a vase or even twist them around a zipper or strap to decorate a bag or backpack! You can even (with an adult's help) give them a spritz or two of perfume to make them smell extra-sweet!

Best yet, maybe give them as a gift to someone who deserves a special, colorful bunch of hand-picked joy. 

Share your crafts with us at #CraftSugarRush or #ScentosCrafts!

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