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Pipe Cleaner Garland

Supplies You'll Need:

  • 12 inch Long Pipe Cleaner Craft Sticks  (Sparkly chenille, metallic and glitter ones work great!)

  • Kid Safety Scissors

  • String, twine or yarn

  • Pencil (or other drawing utensil)

  • Scrap Paper



1) Draw a 5 pointed star about 2 inches wide on your scrap paper.
2) Take a pipe cleaner and “trace” the lines of the star with it, folding at each bend in the star. When lines of the drawing overlap, alternate between running your pipe cleaner overtop one time and underneath the next.
3) When you get to the last point, twist or pinch the  ends together. If there is a lot left over cut off the extra with scissors.
4) You can also make planets. Just take a pipe cleaner and twist it in a spiral. You can use two at a time to make multi-color planets. 
5) String your stars or planets together to finish your garland. You can run string or yarn through the center of your stars. If you want to keep your stars in the same place, just twist your string in a loop around part of the star before  stringing the next one.
6. Hang your garlands as light catchers or use them to decorate a room, locker, desk or craft space...wherever you want some sparkle!

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