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Pom Pom Pencils

Supplies You'll Need:

  • Yarn  (you can use just one color, or mix and match several colors and textures!)

  • Safety Scissors (or an adult's help)

  • Beads, Feathers, or Charms (optional)

  • If you can't tie a knot yet, ask a friend who can to help!



1. Cut a long piece of yarn, about 12 inches. Set aside. You will use this yarn to tie a tight knot around the center of the yarn bundle that will become your pom pom. You will also use this yarn to tie your pom pom to your pencil.
2. Pull more yarn from the ball/skein and wrap around two fingers at least 15 times. Cut the end when you are done.
3. Gently slide the wrapped yarn off your fingers and place your wrapped yarn bundle on the piece of yarn you cut in step 1. Press the bundle flat. Make sure the long piece of yarn lines up to the middle of the bundle. That is, the wrapped bundle is centered on the long piece of yarn.
4. Using the piece of yarn you cut earlier you will tie a knot around the center of the wrapped yarn bundle. Tie the knot twice, then flip the bundle over and tie two really tight knots again. Your bundle should have looped ends on either side of the knots. 
5. Use safety scissors to cut the tops of all the loops—make sure you don't skip any loops. The cut loops become the tips of your pom pom.
6. Fluff and spread out the tips of your pom-pom. Trim any tips that seem too long (though don't cut the yarn sticking out that you used to knot the pom pom—you will use that yarn to wrap around your pencil). Trim so that your pom-pom has a round shape.
7. Tie the long yarn end into a knot around your pencil, starting below the easer, then twist the rest of the yarn over the knot and continue to wrap down the pencil. Make sure you leave enough yarn at the end to tie another tight knot or two to hold everything in place.
8. If you like, add other colors. Just tie a knot and twist around. If you add beads make sure you tie two knots around the last bead. You're ready to rock and write!

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