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Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Supplies You'll Need:

  • • Kid Safety Scissors

  • • Glue, Glue Stick or Double Stick Tape

  • • Pencil (or other drawing utensil)

  • • Heavy Paper—Card Stock, Scrapbook Paper or even Scrap File Folders will do!

  • • Paper—Copy or Sketchbook paper is fine

  • • Markers, Crayons or Gel Pens

  • Optional: Ruler, Specialty Papers (Glitter Paper, Patterned Scrapbook paper, Flocked Paper)



1) Choose your heavy paper for your card base. You can choose plain or color card stock or even recycle some old file folders like we did. 


2) Fold your paper in half the long way. Your paper should look skinnier. Next, find the center of your folded paper by folding it in half again, top to bottom.


3) Cut along the crease of this last fold. You will have two card bases to play with. If you are using old file folders you will already have a main fold. Just cut along the creases you made with your new folds. You will have two folded cards, plus extra pieces you can use later on.


4) Make your pop-up tabs. Take one of your closed cards and draw two lines starting at the fold, near the center. Draw the lines about an inch apart and an inch long. 


5) Cut along the lines.


6) Fold up your tab. If you want to have multiple pop-ups in your card you can make more tabs. Make sure they are a little shorter than your tab in the center and different from each other. That way all your illustrations will appear to be on different levels and this will give your pop-up depth. You can make these tabs skinnier (make your lines closer together) if you want. Cut and fold them up in the same way. 


7) Open up your card completely flat and push in your tabs from the back.


8) Close your card again with the tabs folded inside. Press so all the creases get crisper. 


9) Open the card again. Your tabs should be standing up.


10) Decorate/illustrate the outside of your card. Cut out a piece of paper the same size as your flat card. You can trace your card base and cut a little inside the lines. You will make your design for the front and back on this paper and glue it to your base later on. Use markers, crayons or even paste specialty paper cut-outs. We collaged glitter paper to our card back.


11) Once you have your front and back design done you will glue the paper around the outside of your card. It will cover the slits made by the pop-up tabs. 


12) Create your pop-up illustrations! 

You can draw on copy or sketch paper and glue your drawings to heavy paper, then cut them out. You can even draw on the back of special card stock papers and cut out your shapes. Try to use simple shapes that aren’t too hard to cut out. Experiment! Keep your illustrations less than half the size of your card front, otherwise they might stick out.


13) Glue your pop-up illustrations to your tabs. Since you made sure your tabs were different heights your pop-up illustrations can overlap, but they wont’ be in each other’s way.


14) Cut out and glue any inside messages, or write and draw directly on your card around your pop-ups.


15) Add any finishing touches and let everything dry a couple of hours. Think about who might need a card for a special occasion or a cheer-up. Then make a few more ad practice your skills!

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